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A random assortment of things about me, with absolutely no coherence or deep and abiding significance. Also, there are eleven of them, because all amplifiers should go to eleven.

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.:. I'm going to post-date this so it stays at the top of my journal as a sort of welcome & guestbook rolled into one. Feel free to drop a comment or a hello. I always like meeting new people, and while I don't 'friend' back automatically (I feel more comfortable getting to know someone a little bit first), I love the chance to meet and connect with new people and I do add new journals when the mood strikes! ♥


Baby concerns and bed rest

I'm sitting in a hospital bed, on bed rest, and I wanted to let you all know what was going on.

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verbal processing...

I mentioned this on twitter, and I definitely needed to take a bit of time to process this; I hope it makes sense.

I had a sort of rough afternoon today. I'm going to cut it because of the subject matter (pregnancy and minor trauma) but please know up front that I'm okay, and it has a good ending. (I don't want to make anyone worry) I'm just very aware of how very emotional things like this can be.

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fic round up -- 2011

You know what? I'm going to do a fic round up! It's been so long since I've written enough in any period of time to do any sort of wrap up, but in 2011 I wrote. I wrote, and I loved writing, and it's time for me to put that here, at least so I can sit back and feel accomplished.


What did I write in 2011?

Harry Potter

the gift of what you notice more [Seamus/Dean, pg13, 1200 words]
This was the final installment of an 11 part Seamus/Dean series that I started AGES ago and finally, finally finished. Oh, those boys. They own so much of my heart. ♥

Sherlock BBC

blame the dim sum [Sherlock/John, pg13, 500 words]
My very first piece of Sherlock/John fanfiction. 500 words of kissing. Because, well, as many of you know, kissing is one of my very favorite things.
Sherlock's lips are lush, malleable, and so bloody soft.

drunk crack Sherlock fic [Sherlock/John, rated o.0 for silliness]
Just some embarassing crack fic I wrote via email to incapricious one night after having several margaritas.

Until I Wrap Myself Inside Your Arms I Cannot Rest [Sherlock/John, light r, 6000 words]
written for incapricious to incorporate a bit of gun!porn, injury!porn, and kissing!porn. Y'know, as one does.
It's all a very innocent and juvenile moment, but as soon as Sherlock stops, standing there in the middle of their kitchen in a rather well-fitted pair of boxer shorts, John finds that he can only breathe very shallowly.

Infallible Data [Sherlock/John, rated R, 4000 words]
Observation is a way of life for Sherlock. Observation of John Watson, however, is an entirely different affair. I wrote this to take a short break from the long fic I was writing at the time.
Sherlock finds himself drawn to the contour of John's collarbones, this vision of skin and bone he's never afforded through John's conservatively buttoned wardrobe.

DIsguise [Sherlock/John, rated nc17, 55,000 words]
This one is my epic! It's the only story I've ever really written in a completely linear fashion, and the longest thing I've written in my life. It started as a short fic in response to a prompt on the prompting meme, but grew plot and kept going and going and going. I'm still proud of it. :)

Tangled [Sherlock/John, pg13, 221b]
This was inspired by livia_carica's gorgeous art, examining the two sleeping tangled together. My very first 221b!


I meant to mention this before, but I've been so caught up in off-line stuff (work and home), that I completely forgot to put it up last week!

Anyway, there is a campaign to send Martin Freeman (you know, the man with the faaaaace) ALL THE POSTCARDS to show support for his amazing performance in Sherlock.

The information is here in slodwick's lj.

Really, I just love this idea, not only because he already won a BAFTA, but also because it just seems like such a harmless, lovely way to show him just how freaking amazing he is as John Watson. I mean, seriously, I could write odes and limericks and do interpretive dances to show my vast and all consuming love for Doctor John Watson. And it's all Martin Freeman's fault. :)

It's not too late to participate! You just have to send a postcard out this week! All of the information is in the post I linked above, so have at it!

Anyway, under the cut is...

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*happy sigh* ♥

I just love things like this.

real life and fannish feeeeeeeelings...

Okay, so this is when I work really hard on not getting overwhelmed. :P

★ I've been busily working on my portfolio for a consulting teacher position (I think I've mentioned this before). It is so much work, and I'm determined to have it completed and turned in by the end of January.

★ Meanwhile, we're in the throes of crazy January-ness at school: report cards, planning for the 3rd quarter, building a binder for the substitute that will take over my class, and y'know, still teaching. :)

★ We're also spending time every night working on things in our house to get ready for the baby (the basement is finished, so we're working on the upstairs rooms now) and trying not to look at the calendar too often. :D :D

★ So, I think because of all of this, I've been feeling very disconnected fannishly recently. I haven't been on Tumblr or lj very much, and I know I'm missing a lot. I'm still processing the three episodes of Sherlock, and while I want time to talk and talk and talk and think and think and think and write and write and write about all of my feeeeeeeeeelings, I haven't been able to take the time yet. Though, maybe after the wee tot is born, in the middle of the night when I'm putting her back to sleep, that is when I can start reading, processing, and talking more about it. :D Here's hoping.

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John Watson icon because he makes my world go 'round. ♥

John Watson.

A few screencaps of John from the end of Sherlock, ep. 3, with some character thoughts.

Because I am nothing if not a desperate and thorough fan of John Watson.

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Very short Sherlock reaction...

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because I have no Hobo icon...

Writing thank you notes is helping me relive some of the absolute fun of Sunday. Some of my very dear friends threw a baby shower for me (and for wee Hobo) and it was just such a lovely time with great people and great food and really good punch!

many thanks to: wordplay, misscake, incapricious, kerryblaze, evil_erato, smilie117, darthrami, wordvagabond, tjs_whatnot, and venturous1 for making the day so memorable. I adore you all. ♥

Also (and how awesome is this?) the party favors were little "hobo-sacks." ♥ copilot thought that was rather clever.


Thank you all for your comments on my navel gazing post from the other day. I don't think I'll make it back to comment to everyone individually, but your love and comments just made me feel so blessed.


Oh! And I did mention I'd share the little story of how we came up with the nickname "Hobo."

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pregnancy musings...

So, I haven't really talked about this here yet, though a few of you know a bit of the difficulty from this summer.

A little musing about some pregnancy things and some of the complications/difficulties from this summer...Collapse )

Oh, and a belly picture. :)

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Sherlock, 2x1


I have no words. By which I mean I have SO MANY words and I don't know how to sort them out yet.

But they are I am so in love. ♥__♥

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failing at womanhood?

So, being female...

There are definitely times in which I feel like I've somehow missed the boat, that I fail at being a girl. It really came to a head for me a few years ago when copilot and I were planning our wedding and I didn't have colors and themes and expectations and all of the things that everyone kept asking me about. Basically, I just wanted to have everyone I loved come and have a big party with us and dance a whole fucking lot.

I've been feeling that way a lot recently about our wee tot (note: we've nicknamed her Hobo; I'll explain that at some point soon). I can't tell you how many people have asked me what theme we have for the baby.

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*so much love to you all*


love, kaalee

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Aaaaand now we have The Hobbit trailer. Oh man, what will tomorrow bring???

link: Hobbit

*toddler fists*

Sherlock, s2

I hope you all have seen this!!

Sherlock, s2 trailer from episode one:


omg *flails* I don't know if I can wait until January 1st. John fucking Watson, you guys. I CAN'T EVEN.
★ So, I had been worriedly anticipating an evaluation conference with one of my administrators. They're both so lovely, but everyone's been completely stressed out at school recently that I think I had in my head that she was going to sit there and just babble at me about everything I'm not doing as a teacher, and all of the reasons that I suck.

See, and then were I to actually take a moment and think, I'd realize that that would probably not be the case and I should chill the f*ck out.

And then we actually had the conference tonight. We talked about all sorts of things related to my planning and record keeping and my observations of the children and we talked and laughed and as she was asking questions, I suddenly got two new ideas of things I want to try soon. Also, I convinced her to come teach a guided reading lesson with one of my reading groups and she was ridiculously excited to come do it (next week! Tuesday!)

note to kaalee: get over yourself. Educators who like talking about teaching/planning will most likely enjoy talking with you because you fucking enjoy teaching so much.

★ In other news, thank you for the lovely comments and kudos on my monster fic [Disguise]. Various lovely comments have been trickling in slowly since Thursday and it's really been wonderful to realize that all of that work actually built a story that others could get something out of as well. ♥

★ Our home renovation stuff is going along well. Our house is still in some MAJOR chaos right now, but they're making progress every day and it's exciting to think that by early next week we can start moving stuff back downstairs and then start thinking about the nursery.

★ I have so much more to say, but I can't remember any of it at the moment, so I will say this: YOU ALL ARE LOVELY! DON'T FORGET THAT!!! *hugs you tight*

Disguise -- MASTER POST

title: Disguise
author: kaalee
pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, BBC verse
rating: nc17
word count: ~55k
summary: Sherlock's disguises are little more than a nuisance to John until one day he walks into the kitchen dressed as someone from John's past, someone John had tried desperately to forget.
prompt: Written for this prompt on sherlockbbc_fic: Sherlock is amazing at disguising. John knows this; he's seen him in countless disguises and if Sherlock really tries he can make himself look completely unlike himself. Then one day Sherlock wears a disguise John hasn't seen on him before, and John recognises him. Recognises him as the first man he ever slept with, in a night club, who afterwards had said he had just needed a diversion to stop some other guy noticing him. Then left without looking back. The whole incident totally fucked up John's head for weeks, broke up his relationship, and almost got him kicked out of med school for not focusing/missing assignments/failing tests because all he could think about was what an idiot he'd been. [originally posted anonymously, I'm finally de-anoning.]

author's notes: Many thanks to my beta readers incapricious and tailoredshirt, and to augmentedme for advice on medical accuracy, and to various members of my flist for all of the cheerleading and enthusiasm as this story took form. I'd also like to thank those on tumblr who posted links and tumbled about it at various times. ♥

extra thanks: I have to thank two people in particular: incapricious, who has been with me, quite literally, from day one of this story. In fact, she was sitting across the living room from me as I wrote the very first scene. JC, thank you for all of your support, the discussions in IM, and the belief that I could actually do this. ♥ As well, to sisterzurda, an absolutely glorious artist and wonderful person who has done some gorgeous art to illustrate the story. I can't believe my luck to have such beautiful work to go along with this. See her work here and here [or go look at it on DeviantArt in her gallery here]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Disguise :: part one :: part two :: part three :: part four :: part five :: part six ::

or read: on AO3 :: on DW ::

sherlock and colin and posting of fic!!!

I wish I could have been in the UK today for the BFI Screening of the first episode of Sherlock, season 2. I'm so excited for when it airs! Oh man, give it to me, Sherlock, give it to me good!

In other news, I'm headed downtown with some lovely friends tomorrow night to see Colin Morgan in Parked. I've been really excited to see this movie and it's even better with good people. ♥ Too bad we can't get Colin Morgan in real life, because that would make it completely stellar. :D

And!!! MY FIC IS EDITED AND FINISHED!!! As many of you said in response to my post from last night: "Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!!!" I'm going to get up early tomorrow morning and put it all up then. It's going to be in six parts, I think. Holy pajamas.

Okay, my lovelies, I must away to bed. Sleep well and have glorious dreams.


edit: and now it's up!!! here on LJ and here on AO3

Disguise, part 1/6

John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, rated nc17

:: master post ::

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Dec. 6th, 2011


copilot: I've had Lady Gaga stuck in my head all day.
me: *snicker*
copilot: At least I think it's her. She's the one that wants your love and wants your revenge, right?
me: Yes. That's her.
me: *dies laughing*
copilot: Why is that so funny?
me: no idea. It just is. Probably hearing you say it in such a matter of fact way is why I'm giggling so hard.
copilot: and now you're going to tweet it
me: yeah, or put it on LJ...


Both of my lovely beta-readers have sent my ridiculously long John/Sherlock fic back to me, so I'm working on editing it up for posting. I've got through 30k of the 55k, so good pace going there. I'm hoping to be able to post it up on Thursday of this week or on Tuesday of next week. Any preferences: Thursday? Tuesday? Wait until the new year?


Whoa, I've been a bit absent. I'm still skimming LJ as much as I can. December has come in with a lot going on, so I'm making lots of lists and crossing off as many things as I can. At home we have people doing a lot of work on the basement (currently we have no walls or ceilings in the basement -- it is so cool!!!), so we're spending a lot of time on things like: deciding on tile/carpeting/paint/a vanity and etc... It's a rather interesting job trying to keep my brain from exploding.

I think about you all so much. I hope you're doing well! ♥

*much love*


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